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What is FSC®?

The FSC® sets standards for forest management and certification, and it provides a system for certifying that products made from wood, paper, and other forest products come from responsibly managed forests.

FSC® certification is awarded to companies and organisations that meet the FSC® standards, based on an independent third-party assessment.

The Box Factory holds FSC® chain of custody certification.

Products that have been certified by FSC® can be identified by the FSC® logo, is made from wood or paper that has been sourced from FSC® certified forests, or from post-consumer recycled material, and that it has been produced according to FSC® standards.

FSC® certification is widely recognised as one of the most rigorous and credible forest certification systems. It provides assurance to customers and consumers that the products they are purchasing are made from responsibly managed forests.

See our Sustainability Matters Guide for more information.

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