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What is the difference between single wall and double wall?

Single wall corrugated packaging consists of one layer of corrugated paper sandwiched between two flat layers of paper, also known as liners. This type of packaging is lightweight and inexpensive, making it suitable for lightweight products and items that don't require a high level of protection during transit.

Double wall corrugated packaging, on the other hand, consists of 5 layers of corrugated paper. Similar to single wall but with an additonal layer of corrugated paper and an extra liner. This type of packaging is stronger and more durable than single wall, making it suitable for heavier products and items that require more protection during transit. The extra layer of corrugated paper provides extra cushioning and makes the package more resistant to crushing and impact.

Overall, the choice between single wall and double wall corrugated packaging will depend on the weight and fragility of the item to be packaged, and the level of protection required during transit.

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