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Why do some boxes and fittings require tooling and some do not?

The requirement for tooling in the production of boxes and fittings for corrugated packaging depends on the design and complexity of the product.

Simple designs such as regular boxes (0201's) do not require tooling. These designs are manufactured by machine tooling that can be adjusted to suit the size of box being manufactured.

However, more complex designs such as die-cut boxes and fittings require custom-made tooling, typically in the form of flat bed or rotary cutting formes. These formes are used to cut and shape the corrugated material into the desired shape and design, and they are required in order to ensure that the end product meets the required specifications and dimensions.

In summary, tooling is not required for simple designs, but it is needed for custom designs and complex shapes. The use of tooling also allows for precision, consistency and high quality in the final product.

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