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Why is there such a difference in cost for the various formats of cutting formes used?

There are several factors that can contribute to the cost difference in the various formats of cutting formes used in corrugated packaging production.

Complexity of design - cutting formes with more complex designs and shapes will typically be more expensive to produce than those with simpler designs. This is because more time, effort, and materials are required to produce a die with a complex shape.

Size of the forme - larger formes will typically be more expensive than smaller ones, as more materials and labour are required to produce them. Quantity (Upness): The cost of the die also depends on the quantity of pieces produced, the more you produce the less cost per piece. Even small boxes may have a large cutting forme due to its 'upness', producing multiple boxes in one pass.

Rotary formes - these tend to be more expensive due to the complexity in manufacturing a forme on a cylindrical base.

Flat bed formes - these are less expensive than rotary formes. They can either have a single piece cutting forme or can also have a stripping forme which makes production more efficient for longer manufacturing runs.

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