The Box Factory Is Proud To Unveil Its Newly Built Covered Yard Area!

With £250,000 invested into the new structure, The Box Factory’s newly built sheltered yard area will allow for two additional lorries to be both loaded and unloaded whilst being shielded from inclement weather. At 500 square metres and its highest point being measured at 8.5M, the newly implemented structure is part of a series of investments to maximise efficiency, minimising the risk of damage to both raw materials and completed products from unpredictable weather conditions.

As well as ensuring the quality of our products are protected, the new structure will also allow for better working conditions, sheltering factory workers from poor weather throughout this coming winter. The build also has noise reduction benefits, improving not only the conditions for our factory workers but also reducing noise that may impact the local community.

Jamie Wicks, our Sales and Marketing Director, commented on the new build. “Maintaining the quality of our products was a primary aim of the new build. Now that it’s been implemented, we’ll be able to further protect our products from damage whilst also improving working conditions and protecting the local community from noise pollution.”

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Neil Price
Managing Director
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